23 February 2014


My new book, "The Siege at Jutland" is now available on Amazon.com; Barnesandnoble.com and iUniverse.com.

...Meanwhile, Jim with the help of his sister, made his way into Timothy's house. There, on the kitchen floor, Beatrice and Tim cleaned Jim's wound, applied a "blue stone solution as a disinfectant and some salve" and wrapped the wound with a muslin bandage as best they could.

Unbeknownst to the Meaneys, Trooper Larsen had returned to Jutland with Corporal Matthew Daly and Trooper William Lang. Tim and Beatrice continued to tend to Jim's wound in the kitchen, re-bandaging it after Jim said he would wait until morning to go to the doctor. It was between nine thirty and ten o'clock at night when they heard a "terrific crash" at the middle door, by the dining room. Tim got up to investigate when he suddenly saw a flash of light and heard gun shots and breaking glass. Without warning or provocation, the Troopers at Lieutenant Daniel Rogers' orders opened fire on the farmhouse.

The first shots had been fired. The siege had begun!